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Here is the best way to play this machine. It is possible to empty this machine but sometimes they can take a long time so I recommend you play to get about £60 or £75 in wins which should show good profit anyway.

Hopefully the machine will be close to full when you start. The principle behing the trick is to go against certain numbers on the hi-lo reels to advance across the feature board. Aim for the bonuses and the no-lose square. Basically you should go higher on these numbers: 1,2,3,7,8 and lower on 12,11,10,6,5. The tricky numbers are 4's and 9's and I would suggest you use a 'change number' on these. What you must also try to do is keep the two hi-lo numbers apart. (This means you don't go lower than a 5 if the other hi-lo reel has a lower number on it. Go higher on the other reel first then go lower than the 5.) I have given some examples here:

A tricky start may be 4 on one reel and 9 on the other. I would simply go against them both. The chances are one of them will lose. Starts like this are common and if the machine is a little 'cold' then these features will lose straight away.

If you start with a 5 and a 4 then I would go lower than the 4 and then higher on the number I am given. I would then go lower than the 5. You could try going higher than the 4 but it would probably lose!

What you will find is that each time you get to a bonus you may be offered a no-lose gamble, a change number or extra nudges. You can advance the cash trail using the nudges to bring in numbers. It is important to never be afraid to go the wrong way. You may often find you get to the 10 quid cash on a 5/8. Go lower than the 5 or higher than the 8. I haven't seen it lose yet. The first jackpot will often trigger a streak and you should get 4 jackpots very quickly. Afterwards the machine will still climb quite high using this method but on a lower percentage you may find you have to put 15+ in to get the next jp. I prefer to use this trick as a quick way to get 30+ profit, and this way it will be ready to play again much quicker. Very often you will find on a full machine it will pay the jackpot on its first climb!
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