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The main aim of the trick is to get the barcrest man to flash so that you are given nudges. This can be done by either holding two horseshoes 3 times or by getting a hold after nudges with two horseshoes on the winline. Either way you will hear 'The boy's clever' and the barcrest man will flash. The software HAS to give you a win so you will start with 2 or 3 nudges. The key to this trick is to get enough nudges for the jackpot. There are two main sequences of doing this: 1) Nudge the middle reel down until you reach the ? symbol. If you get given 4 nudges then carry on nudging it around so that you leave it 3 nudges above the winline, you will see a treble bar two above the winline. You must now nudge the right hand reel until you reach the last horseshoe before the JP. You will see a 2 on a double bar above the winline. Next you must nudge the left hand reel until you reach the horseshoe before the 3 nudges on the orange. You now have a 3 in the topleft of the reels and a 2 in the top right. You will still have three nudges at this point so bring down the ? symbol which will give you 4 nudges. Keep bringing this reel down until you get to the 3 nudges with JP above the win line. Next nudge the left reel all the way until the JP is on the line. With these 2 nudges you can bring down the right hand reel for the JP.

2) If the ? symbol only gives you 2 or 3 nudges then the setup is slightly different. You must position the reels so that you get a 1 in the top right corner of the reels and 1 in the topleft also. You then nudge the middle reel around until you get 1-3-1 along the top (2 from winline). As you nudge into this position keep pressing start very quickly and more often than not you will be given SELECTOR. Sometimes you get NUDGESTOPPER. You need 6 nudges from here for the JP. Nudge the third reel around until the horseshoe before the JP. Nudge the middle reel until the 3 nudges then the left reel until the JP etc. There are a couple of sequences which will not offer you enough nudges from the start but this does not mean the machine is chipped. The most common of these is where you will get a 3 in the top left and a 2 in the top right. The machine will usually give one nudge here as if it gives any more then you have a quick JP.

The third trick is possibly the most important. It is called the Hi-Lo lock in and very often you can hi-lo to the 99 nudges. When you are given the chance to hi-lo and you do not have any nudges you must firstly try to climb to 4 nudges by going with the odds (higher than a 6 lower than 7) except for the first gamble which you will win anyway if you go higher than 7,8 and 9 or by going lower than 4,5 and 6. You must press the buttons when HI is lit for higher and LO is lit for lower. When you get to 4 nudges you must press the opposite button instantly after the first one. If you are on a 9 for example press the LO button immediatley followed by the HI button. It is like the machine thinks you went high and tries to lose by going lower. When doing this you must go higher than 1,2 and 3 and go lower than 4,5..11,12 On rechipped machines you will find that you are not always given enough nudges for a win even when the barcrest symbol flashes. The hi-lo lockin is more common but often you get given HI-LO CLIMB and you cannot get to 3 nudges you need to keep nudging and the best you can hope for is another flashhold, which often kills you again anyway. The best way to play these is for quick profit. On a full machine your first ten pounds should get you between 20 and 30 and often you get a repeat on the jackpot. If you find when using the above nudge combinations that the last line of horseshoes gives more than 1 nudge then there is a good chance of a jackpot repeat. Leave the machine to decide for itself. When offered a superhold, just press start when you get three horseshoes back on the winline. If you are offered reeltime do the the same thing. Sometimes you will be given STEPPA and annoyingly you cannot get enough nudges to put 3 horseshoes back on the winline so you must leave 2 and hope for another flashhold. Note when you go for flashholds you must not have any two fruits the same on the winline or you will be given the win and not the horseshoes. When you do get wins roll in just gamble them until they lose on the feature board.

Note on the £15 jackpot machines: obviously these are going to be rechipped and the flashing barcrest symbol might as well be non-existent but when it is ready to pay the above techniques are useful for getting a 40+ streak very quickly. It is also possible to get the odd jp from nudges even when it is not streaking.
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