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Viva Rock Vegas

Viva Rock Vegas has arrived in my local recently and I have to say I've found it very profitable. Not as much skill involved as previous JPM's but reasonably OK to read. Points to note are Boulderdash can jump (mostly to 3UKP) so if it is doing this then it's probably not ready). It does give Skill Bonus although not in any particular order. I missed Mystery Nudge and it refused to come back! The obvious signs of Boost and Add Again from Bonus and the board struggling to get past 2-3UKP are when to avoid. There is an IM which appears to be when the Viva Rock Vegas starts as red but when I was watching it went straight to the first Viva Rock Vegas square and filled it up so it's not as if anyone is going to miss it. It also likes to nudge in bigger wins than previous JPM's, have had 5 and 10UKP wins from nudges. Finally it does seem to streak as I took 30UKP when it seemed low on cash and was told by the barman and punter that someone had taken 60UKP out earlier. 90UKP!!
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