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Two impulse machines with a straight forward £100 streak in them. Push the machine for a JP or the top feature. This is expensive and can and often does cost at least £50. If the top feature repeats then your getting your £100. If it stops at £25, then play the next board, and unless its invincible, then take what you can and walk away. I really don't think you need to play 2/3 boards on these after a JP but I may be wrong, anyone know for sure? Points of note. Theres usually £5 profit in afterplay. But don't be greedy! If the machine does a big dirty spin and drops in 3 numbers out of the blue... happy days, you've got the streak. It can do this to anyone, regardless of forcing, so, they can run for punters easily. If it does this when your say £45 into it, then take your streak, and expect a JP from the current which you've just almost paid for. There appears to be some anti-force reflexs on board with holy smoke anyway, but I've not tried messing about with them. Holy smoke is easy to rip a JP out of, so, don't just waste £45 in credits on it like you would on wildfire, play the boards, and pay attention to the plus 3 features when you have bonuses. Its also easy to get the top feature (the one below holy smoke on the feature stack) on holy smoke by straight gambling. This is a medium/high difficultly skill stop on the super trail. Try and hit 9 blasts(with JP in view) or holy smoke for a cheep jackpot.
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